Juxtaposing Craft

by Rebecca Ahlstedt and Anna Senno
in collaboration with Tsuyoshi Tane

official partners:
Svensk Form
National Museums of World Culture, Sweden
HANDMADE – Nordisk Kulturfond


Official launch with the event FÄRGKÖKET [the Color Kitchen] 
at The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities and at Svensk Form

Masaaki Aoki - Tezomeya
Petra Holmberg
Petra Lilja
Gertrud Olsson


Juxtaposing Craft is a three year programme of research, new making and exchange between the Nordic and Japanese regions. The project will result into a travelling exhibition.

In an experimental juxtaposition of craft traditions and contemporary making, knowledge of the handmade is explored in relation to the concepts of time and space between the Nordic and Japanese regions.

By what is made by the hand a different type of relationship is created. It is rarely ”perfect”, it becomes unique and faulted, it can be repaired, and the objects and knowledge is often handed down from generation to generation. Uncountable stories and meanings, which serve as an artefact to our collective memories.

Craft is conditioned by cultural, temporal and geographical aspects, embedding strong symbolic values, which are active agents in the creation of our imagined identities and notions of community.

Over time, much of the accumulated experience disappears – new methods, needs, prerequisites, standards and trends tend to push knowledge and experience into oblivion.

But trough the art of craft we can understand something about the perception of 'a national culture'. Although, the truth might rather be that craft is a very local phenomenon, passed on from one individual to another – throughout time and space.

Juxtaposing Craft sets out to study time and space through the process of making; how it connects but also disconnects people and communities, worldwide, and serve as artefact to the creation of our (imagined) identities.

We see craft as a storyteller in our digital age and investigate and experiment on concepts such as time and space, identity, expressions and how future collections will look like.

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