[The Color Kitchen]

by Rebecca Ahlstedt and Anna Senno

The Color Kitchen is a workshop and platform for discussion about color.

The Color Kitchen explores historical meanings of color through natural dye.

In its smallest parts, dyeing is about chemical chains and reactions - nature broken down into its elementary components. In design and architecture, different parts of the whole are combined and become new materials, joints and spatial elements.

This cycle forms the basis of the process of the performance where visitors and the artists create in an open performance. We use the forest to retrieve the colour components for the performances and focus on two types of material: textile and wood.

In the colour kitchen we relate to the traditions and meanings that colour on different materials have had in design and crafts since ancient times. In a manifestation of dyeing, we depart from the forest as resource to renewable raw materials.

SEPTEMBER 2018 – The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities
Performed with Masaaki Aoki - Tezomeya, Japan at The Museum 
of Far Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm and at Svensk Form as
part of the launch of Juxtaposing Craft

AUGUST 2018 – Serra dei Giardini
Performed as part of the collateral event “Greenhouse Garden –
Reflect, Project, Connect
” to the Venice 16th Biennale of Architecture,

Serra dei Giardini

Video from the “Greenhouse Garden – Reflect, Project, Connect”
to the Venice 16th Biennale of Architecture, Serra dei Giardini, 2018.

Music by Laurent Levesque