by Gita mallik

Permeate is a gate to a hidden world of art experiences. In the parks, squares and streets, in the quiet glade in a forest or in the subway, you will experience installations and art happenings integrated with the site.

A song written for the view from a cliff, an audiowalk in a park or an invitation to a dance performance with real and digital performers. Step into a library of immersive art experiences in the public space.

site-specific art in the public space

Permeate curates, finances and publishes site-specific art in the public space. Via the Permeate app, participants will get access to performing arts, audio walks, art installations and music through their mobile devices  that has been created for specific places in Stockholm. Swedish and international artists are given the financial and technical means to create both digital and physical art installations.  An important part of the project will be to adapt already existing digital and site-specific artworks in order to make them permanently accessible. 

The goal is to launch a tangle of art experiences in all of Stockholm. In squares and parks, on bridges and quays, you will find a sign with the Permeate-symbol. When you open the app, it will track your position and start the art experience. The app could be likened to a public library of art experiences. And it is the exploration of the solid and liquid elements of the site that make the experience unique for every participant . Finding the secret art pervading the city, meeting new artists and forms of expression.

The aim of Permeate is to to redefine the relationship to the site through art. 

Instead of disappearing into the metaverse, Permeate offers presence, attention and shared experiences with others. 

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